The subject of drainage plays a crucial role in the design of outdoor areas, parking lots, parks, streets or inner cities. Rain Water Management plays a key role in protecting the environment and the groundwater and requires adapted products for all possible applications. MEA offers tailor-made and intelligent solutions to collect, convey, treat and reuse rainwater.


The universal drainage channel systems MEARIN PLUS and MEARIN EXPERT as well as the MEADRAIN SV, SE, SG product family (nominal width 100, 150, 200 and 300) were designed to collect rainwater and convey it safely to its destination. The MEA drainage channels MEARIN and MEADRAIN are conceived for loading classes up to E 600 and can therefore be used almost anywhere outdoors. A large choice of gratings, channel covers and Topslots from loading class A 15 to E 600 make sure that all requirements are being satisfied and that the safest and economical solution can be installed. The wide variety in terms of designs or materials for the MEA channel gratings leave nothing to be desired, making MEA channels the most versatile products in the market when it comes to rain water drainage

The MEAKERB drainage solution is another example of the perfect integration of a drainage solution into the urban landscape. The MEAKERB is a 2 in 1 product combining a curb pavement and a drainage channel in one product. The MEAKERB is therefore perfectly suitable for installation on the side of the street, bus stops, in roundabouts or large areas such as outdoor parking lots or parks. In addition to the MEA linear drainage solutions, point drainage products can also be used. For this purpose, the MEAGARD yard gully can be installed where ever point drainage solutions are required for loading classes up to B 125.

Rainwater infiltration

In addition to the drainage channels, MEA also offers solutions for the safe infiltration of rainwater and for decentralized rainwater management. Sealed surfaces, especially in metropolitan areas, can lead to flooding during heavy rain events because the sewage system is overloaded. So called infiltration systems are a very good solution in order to discharge sewage infrastructures. The MEASTORM and the MEA V-BOX systems collect rainwater, safely damming it underground and allowing it to seep away. These solutions are easy to install, economical, invisible and require little maintenance. The MEA V-Boxes for the private sector and the MEASTORM trench tunnels for areas with heavy traffic such as parking lots and inner cities also help to protect the groundwater by allowing the water to seep away on site.

Rainwater treatment

The MEACLEAN PRO channel program offers another variant of dealing with rainwater in a decentralized manner. This innovative solution of drainage channel and substrate makes it possible to drain the water with one product and treat it at the same time. Since rainwater is freed of all pollutants thanks to the filtering capacity of the substrate, rain water can be released into nature on site without complex and costly central water treatment solution.

Standard gratings and stairs

As a leading producer of gratings and stair kits, MEA also offers solutions that are used to design open spaces and industrial areas. Think, for example, of skiing facilities, secured hiking trails, viewing platforms or escape routes, gratings or MEA stairs are used everywhere, whether as a standard product or as a custom-made product. The example of skiing and lift systems is an example of how complementary MEA products are to one another. Drainage channels must be used to safely discharge dew or rainwater. In order for athletes and ski enthusiasts to safely access to the summit, gratings and MEA stairs are being used for the people to be able to move safely to their point of destination, even off-road.

With its MEASTEP XSL (LINK) and MEASTEP XXL (LINK) product range, MEA offers steps and stair systems that can be used wherever safe and cost-effective constructions are required. The MEA steps and stairs are made of galvanized steel and are therefore resistant to all possible weather influences. Standard gratings (LINK) and custom-made gratings (LINK) from MEA are the guaranty for any project to have the best possible product with the best possible performance when it comes to gratings.