Drainage channels MEA gratings

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MEA drainage channel gratings and TOPSLOTS - functionnal, sturdy, aesthetic

  • Drainage channel covers and gratings for loading classes A 15 to F 900
  • Materials: stainless steel, galvanised steel, ductile iron, plastic
  • Large choice of design gratings: mesh gratings, slotted gratings, perforated gratings, wave gratings, longitudinal bar gratings, Heelguard gratings, ADA gratings
  • Special ductile iron designer gratings, loading class C250 and D 400 with clear width 100, 150 and 200: Bavaria, Honeycomb
  • Grating locking systems: CLIPFIX, 4 point bolted, PROFIX and CLIPFIX Anti-theft protection
  • Large choice of TOPSLOT Systems: MEA TSC (plastic), MEA TSL (loading class till B 125) and MEA TSH (Loading class up to E 600
  • Depending on the design, the channel covers can lie in or on the channel body

Product details

  • MEA drainage channel covers

    A wide variety of drainage channel covers and gratings are available from MEA WATER MANAGEMENT. (Lontitudinal bar gratings (galvanised steel and stainless steel)/Mesh gratings (30/10, 30/20, 20/10) (galvanised steel and stainless steel)/Slotted gratings (galvanised steel)/Perforated gratings (stainless steel)/Ductile iron slotted gratings/Heelguard ductile iron gratings/ADA longitudinal bar ductile iron gratings/Ductile Iron design gratings). Depending on the design, inset or surface-mounted in the channel body.

  • Material and loading classes of drainage channel gratings

    Cover gratings play a crucial role when selecting a drainage system because they have a significant influence on the loading class of the complete drainage channel.

    The material, the design, the thickness of the grating and even the type of installation and fastening – choosing the right cover grating is decisive in the search for the optimal MEA drainage channel.

    Discover our comprehensive range of drainage channel covers for all loading classes (from A 15 to F 900).

Product Highlights

MEA drainage channel gratings

MEA Design ductile iron gratings



With the newly developed screwable MEA CLIPFIX anti-theft protection, your gratings are safely protected against theft and vandalism.
The anti-theft protection is available in nominal widths 100, 150 and 200 and is easy to install.

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