May it be a single-family house, terraced houses, apartment building or residential complex – all people are looking forward to live in a safe, healthy and comfortable environment. MEA offers a multitude of reliable products that offer exactly the right solution for every type of building.

In the outdoor area, rainwater drainage and surface water seepage play an important role. MEA has a wide range of drainage channels and other systems that help ensure that rainwater is safely drained protecting effectively buildings and open space areas such as parks, courtyards and gardens from possible flooding or rain water related damages.

The MEATEC drainage systems have been specially designed for rain water drainage for facades and terraces. They safely divert the water from the facade and thus ensure quick drying. With MEATEC, the rainwater is also quickly and safely channeled from the terrace to the drains. Channel made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) such as the MEAFLUID and the MEAHOME PLUS are used in driveways, gardens or green areas. Polymer concrete channels such as the MEAGARD II are also very suitable for this purpose. With loading classes up to B125 the MEA drainage channels are passenger car passable, barrier-free, easy to install and require very little maintenance.

In addition to the drainage channels, MEA also offers professional rainwater infiltration solutions with the MEA V-BOX and the MEASTORM. The advantage: they are economical to use and relieve the municipal sewage system. They also serve to sustainably maintain the groundwater.

For the interior, MEA offers special products for the basements that provide light, air and reliable protection against possible intruders. The MEA light wells MEAMAX and MEAMULTINORM made of high-quality GRP enable the basement to be supplied with natural light and fresh air. In this way, often neglected areas in the house can be used better: as storage space, as a bedroom or as a hobby room.

For special purposes, for example in complicated installation situations or in areas with a lot of traffic or in large buildings, MEA also offers a comprehensive range of concrete light wells MEAVECTOR. Depending on the design and thanks to the MEA insulted mounting panels, the MEA light wells can be installed without any thermal bridges and in a watertight way for even more security and living comfort.

The MEA guiding profiles and fastening systems provide even more living comfort and safety. They are easy and practical to use, for example for sliding doors inside or outside of buildings or for sliding gates. The MEAMOVE sliding gate operator sets standards in that gates and sliding doors can be opened and closed easily at the push of a button.

The stair kit MEASTEP was developed for retrofitting on buildings. Thanks to the optimal corrosion protection they are perfect for outdoor use. Other stair products made of galvanized steel as well as grids are also available. They are particularly suited for building escape ways and stairs in almost every possible configuration and environment.