Drainage system MEAKERB

Duben is a district of the town of Luckau and  in the Dahme-Spreewald region of Brandenburg. The community is located at the intersection of the motorway 13 and the federal road B 87. In the course of the expansion and rehabilitation of the federal road between Duben and Luckau, the MEAKERB drainage solution from MEA Water Management was used. The installation was carried out by the construction company Matthäi Freienhufen.


Due to the lack of longitudinal gradient of the road there, the 2-1 drainage solution MEAKERB with a construction height of 500 mm was used. In addition, a new cycle path was routed onto a section of the main road and connected to the cycle path on the other side of the road by means of a traffic island. A total of 400 m of the MEAKERB kerb channel including the required lower shelfs were installed.

MEAKERB combines drainage channel and kerbstone in one product and thus offers an extremely well thought-out and visually appealing drainage solution. Thanks to the modular principle, in which elements are also adapted to different height requirements, it was thus possible to equip the entire roadway of the B 87 without much time expenditure.

Furthermore, rainwater is efficiently drained away through the existing lateral inlet openings. The monolithic construction prevents moving parts from coming loose and is particularly safe. In addition, MEAKERB is extremely robust up to loading class D 400 and resistant to frost, salt and chemical substances


The client, LSB Landesbetrieb Straßen Brandenburg, was completely convinced by the efficiency of the implementation and the flexibility of the MEAKERB system. The project will be finished by spring 2022



  • Place: Federal road B 87, Duben, Germany
  • Products:
    • MEAKERB MKM 500 (400m)
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