Surface water drainage

Paitzdorf is a municipality in the Thuringian district of Greiz and is located about 15 km east of Gera. The Bachl group of companies, which produces building materials and prefabricated concrete parts in addition to insulation and plastics, is expanding its company site in the Ronneburg-Paitzdorf industrial estate. New production halls and company roads are being built on the site. For their surface drainage, the innovative MEACRET LINE 200 concrete drainage system from MEA Water Management has been installed since March.


On the extended company premises, 970 metres of MEACRET LINE 200 concrete drainage system is installed. The individual channel strands are connected by a pipe system to an open infiltration trench at the property boundary.

MEACRET LINE 200 is characterised by its extreme resistance and can withstand loads up to loading class F 900. The channel is made of extremely robust concrete of grade C45/55. Since the channel can be paved directly, it easily withstands high mechanical loads caused by heavy traffic.

The concrete slotted channel is available with both continuous and interrupted slot in standard lengths from 1 m to 4 m.  MEACRET LINE 200 complies with type i according to DIN EN 1433 and therefore does not require any additional concrete coating. This ensures fast and cost-saving installation due to the increased processing speed.


MEACRET LINE 200 won over both client and planner due to its high stability. Since the concrete channel is both weather-resistant and extremely durable, it convinces as a long-term and reliable drainage partner.



  • Place: Paitzdorf, Bachl company premises in the Ronneberg-Paitzdorf industrial estate, Germany
  • Products:
    • MEACRET LINE 200 (970 m)
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