Drainage channel MEACRET LINE 200

Markersdorf is a Saxon municipality in the district of Görlitz. A Deutsche Post DHL delivery base is also located in the commercial area there. Deutsche Post was looking for a durable drainage solution for its site. The client was convinced by the positive features of the innovative MEACRET LINE 200 concrete drainage system from MEA Water Management.


In the construction project for Deutsche Post DHL, 21 metres of the slotted drainage channel were laid. Accumulating rainwater is absorbed through the concrete slots and drained via the inlet boxes through a sewer pipe into an open infiltration trench.

MEACRET LINE 200 is characterised by its extreme resistance and can withstand loads up to loading class F 900. The extremely durable high quality concrete used for the drainage channels corresponds to grade C45/55. As the channels can be paved directly, it is perfectly suited for areas with high mechanical loads such as industrial areas. The channel can thus easily withstand the loads caused by the prevailing traffic of DHL delivery vehicles.

The concrete drainage system is available with both continuous or interrupted slots or as a curb channel version for inner-city areas. MEACRET LINE 200 corresponds to type i according to DIN EN 1433 and therefore no additional concrete coating is necessary. Cost-saving and faster installation of the channels is thus ensured.


MEACRET LINE 200 was able to completely convince the client of its robustness and resilience. The installation took place from November 2021 to March 2022 and went without any problems.



  • Place: Municipality of Markersdorf, Germany
  • Products:
    • Concrete drainage system MEACRET LINE 200
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