System solution MEARIN PLUS F

The Käfer company from Munich is known throughout Germany for its fine food shops and restaurants. In the underground car park of Feinkost Käfer in Munich, the MEARIN PLUS F flat channel has been installed for efficient drainage.


On the one hand, the client expressed the desire for a rust-free drainage system. On the other hand, the client was looking for a drainage solution that allows best rainwater evacuation performance despite the low construction height, as the drainage channels in the underground car park are not connected to the sewage system. MEARIN PLUS F was able to meet both requirements. 138 meters of the flat channel with mesh gratings were installed in the underground car park.

MEARIN PLUS F drainage channel is made from glass-fibre reinforced composite. As it has no metallic elements, it also offers a rust-free solution. It is particularly easy to install and at the same time extremely resistant to chemical substances, oils and salts. The highly smooth surface of the channel body allows best rainwater evacuation and is particularly easy to maintain.

The MEARIN PLUS F channels are perfectly suited for being installed in parking decks, multi-storey car parks and underground garages. MEARIN PLUS F flat channels can be installed in surfaces with asphalt coating and offer an optimal anchorage in the concrete base.


MEARIN PLUS F convinced as a rust-free system solution that guarantees efficient drainage performance despite its low construction height. The attractive price-performance ratio in contrast to a system made of stainless steel also convinced the customer.



  • Place: Feinkost Käfer, Munich, Germany
  • Products:
    • Drainage system MEARIN PLUS F200.0/100 Channel-1 m (134 m)
    • Drainage system MEARIN PLUS F200.01/100 Channel-0,5 m (3 m)
    • Drainage sytem MEARIN PLUSF200.0 a/100 Channel with Ø 110 mm connector-1 m (1 m)
    • End cap MEARIN PLUS F200.SE (34 pieces)
    • Galvanised mesh grating MEA 200 Galv. Mesh grating-B 125-1 m-30/10 CXL (138 m)
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