System solution MEARIN PLUS F

Doha is the capital of the Emirate of Qatar and is located on the Persian Gulf. One of the largest real estate projects carried out in Qatar was the construction of the Qatar Petroleum District. The project included the construction of nine new office towers, which are also the headquarters of the oil producer Qatar Petroleum, as well as numerous restaurants, conference centres and retail areas. MEA Water Management supported its client Qatar Petroleum and found the right drainage solution with MEARIN PLUS F.


The big challenge in the first project phase was to find a drainage solution that did not exceed the height of 80 mm. In addition, the climatic conditions, especially the high heat, had to be considered.

The MEA Water Management team made detailed hydraulic calculations and designed a drainage system consisting of the flat drainage channel MEARIN PLUS F 150, stainless steel gratings and a technically sophisticated solution of T and L connectors between the channels. Around 1000 metres of MEARIN PLUS F were used, as well as longitudinal bar gratings made of V4A stainless steel.

MEARIN PLUS F is made from glass-fibre-reinforced composite. These drainage channels are lightweight, extremely robust and heat resistant. It remains permanently stable and does not deform. Despite the low installation height of 75 mm, the flat drainage channel ensures an optimal drainage performance. The stainless-steel gratings combine best quality with an elegant design.


MEA Water Management was able to provide the client with a customized drainage system solution that works extremely efficiently on the one hand and guarantees the required heat resistance on the other. Further project services are planned for this year.



  • Place: Qatar Petroleum District, Doha, Qatar
  • Products:
    • Drainage system MEARIN PLUS F150.0 (1000 m)
    • Longitudinal bar gratings made of stainless steel V4A (316 m)
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