System solution MEADRAIN EN

The city of Plattling is located in the Lower Bavarian district of Deggendorf and is geographically situated in the Gäuboden region. The INTERPANE group is one of the most important European glass processors and has a plant in Plattling in addition to other locations.  The parking area of the plant was equipped with the robust drainage system MEADRAIN EN. The system was distributed by Bauzentrum Zillinger and installed by Josef Erl GmbH.


On the parking and logistics area of the INTERPANE company, about 275 meters of the drainage channel MEADRAIN EN 1000 with loading class E 600 were installed. The drainage channels are covered with solid ductile iron gratings.

MEADRAIN EN is suitable for particularly challenging environmental areas such as parking and logistics areas that are exposed to high mechanical loads. The channel is made of high-quality polymer concrete with additional lateral ribs for optimum anchoring in the concrete bed. The L-shaped reinforced edge made of ductile iron provides additional stability. MEADRAIN EN is wear-free and highly resistant to chemical liquids. A large choice of gratings is available. These can be installed easily thanks to the PROFIX rapid-locking system. The 4-point-bolted locking system provides protection against vandalism.


MEADRAIN EN drainage system convinced the client as a solid complete solution that guarantees efficiency and durability in the long term. In addition, the price-performance ratio tipped the scales.



  • Place: Plattling, Germany
  • Products:
    • Drainage system MEADRAIN EN 1000 with ductile iron grating loading class E 600 (275 m)
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