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Straubing is the largest city in the Gäuboden region in Lower Bavaria. In October 2017, it has been awarded the title of a university town by a branch of the Technical University of Munich, the TUM Campus Straubing. The Straubing Campus for Biotechnology and Sustainability specializes in the development of sustainable technologies and their economic implementation. Renovation measures were carried out as part of the expansion of the centre of excellence for renewable raw materials. MEATEC from MEA Water Management was chosen for the drainage of the building. The processing was carried out by A. Michel Asphalt- und Isolierbau GmbH & Co.KG, the client was the Free State of Bavaria.


MEATEC presents itself as an elegant and efficient drainage system with optimally matching and, if desired, height-adjustable elements. These can be easily connected. At the Straubing campus, approx. 100 m of the fixed-height channel was installed, and approx. 99 m of the height-adjustable channel. The connection height can be adjusted from 5 to 15 cm and thus enables optimal adaptation to the height level as well as barrier-free construction.

The high number of lateral slots with integrated gravel border guarantees rapid water drainage. The building is protected from moisture damage.


MEATEC was able to convince as an efficient complete drainage system that is easy to install. Especially the flexible height adjustability of the system tipped the scales in favour of this MEA product.



  • Place: TUM Campus Straubing, Germany
  • Products:
    • Drainage system MEATEC V130-F100 (100 m)
    • Drainage system MEATEC V130-H120 with threded feet (99 m)
    • 3 pieces MEATEC end caps V130-H120
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