Visually appealing emergency stairways

The emergency stairways in place at FH Campus Wien university of applied sciences in Vienna are huge: they are designed to enable up to 5,000 people to be evacuated from the lecture theatres and classrooms in the shortest possible time. Yet safety and size are not everything here.

Solution – MEASTEP XSL & custom-made gratings

The architect entrusted with the project was keen to create an aesthetically pleasing solution with a uniformly aligned mesh structure. This was achieved by using absolutely identical surfaces and uniform gratings for all steps and platforms. A total of 1,300 MEASTEP XSL steps and 700 custom-made gratings for the steps and platforms were installed in the course of the project.

At a glance

  • Place: Vienna, Austria
  • Product:
    • MEASTEP XSL series
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