Motorways, bridges, roads and roundabouts are highly complex structures that must withstand modern traffic and provide maximum safety. The issue of rainwater drainage plays an important role here, for example to avoid aquaplaning or to ensure a good view of the road. Drainage systems are exposed to high loads in road traffic and for this reason must meet requirements that are less relevant in other applications. MEA offers highly specialized drainage solutions for road and motorway construction in order to offer maximum design freedom with maximum performance both during the construction phase as when in operation.


The MEADRAIN DM channels have been designed for the lateral drainage of expressways. The MEADRAIN DM channels are monolithic channels made of polymer concrete that can withstand loads of up to F 900. Thanks to their monolithic structure, the channels are extremely safe since there are no moving parts. The MEADRAIN DM channels are resistant to salt, oil and chemicals and have been designed to be installed also with drain asphalt.

In addition to the MEADRAIN DM systems, MEA also offers the MEAKERB drainage solution. MEAKERB combines curb and drainage channel in one product. MEARKERB is perfect for use in roundabouts, at bus stops, in parking lots or on the roadside. The MEAKERB comes in 2 heights 320 and 500 mm for maximum flexibility in the planification process. MEA also has developed the MEAKERB BRIDGE to fit with the constrains and the specificities of bridge construction and drainage issues. Bridges are exposed to high loads and, due to their nature, are also relatively flat. Solutions that can quickly remove rainwater and guarantee maximum impermeability to protect the structure of the bridges and make traffic safe are required there.


Other products from the MEA product range are used along traffic areas. The MEARIN EXPERT or the MEADRAIN EN / ENS channels are especially used for the drainage of parking and rest areas or petrol stations. The systems respectively withstand E 600 or F 900 loading classes, making those perfect for being installed in high traffic areas or in parking lots. They are also resistant to chemicals, salt and oil. The MEARIN PLUS F is ideally suited as a shallow channel for the drainage of areas next to buildings and facades.

Our trench tunnel system MEASTORM (LINK) is designed for larger areas where great importance is placed on local rain water infiltration and retention. The MEACLEAN PRO channel (LINK) is also ideally suited for resting place along the road. In addition to the drainage function, the system offers the possibility of treating and filtering rainwater so that only pure water is released back into nature. Chemicals, oils and remaining micro-particles are fixed in the channel thanks to mechanical retention, adsorption, sorption, precipitation and complexation process of the substrate.