The risk of being hit by floods is constantly increasing with climate change. Storm rain events occur more and more frequently affecting urban and residential areas potentially causing severe damages to cellars and buildings.


MEA has developed the waterproof MEATHERMO AQUA frame windows that can resist high rain water levels safely.

The MEAMULTINORM 3-in-1 and the MEAMAX AQUA GRP light wells as well as our concrete light-wells MEAVECTOR and MEAVECTOR AQUA PLUS can be installed in such a way that they can withstand reliably long-lasting hydrostatic forces.

Together with the backflow protection MEASTOP PRO and ingenious sealing and fastening solutions, the frame window and light well systems installed in the MEA Connect system offer optimal protection against water from above and below.

MEATHERMO AQUA frame windows: windows tested for flood resistance, offering reliable protection in the event of surface water standing in the light-well.

The GRP light-wells MEAMULTINORM 3-in-1 and MEAMAX AQUA and the concrete light wells MEAVECTOR AQUA have been specially designed for building areas with a high design water basis or where the structural conditions favor seepage water accumulation. Protection against water meets energy efficiency because all these light wells can be installed with the MEA Connect System to be watertight and free of thermal bridges.

MEASTOP PRO backflow protection system: the first backflow protection for light wells with building authority approval by the German Institute for Building Technology, DIBt, Berlin, for the discharge of rainwater in accordance with DIN 1986-100. The MEASTOP PRO can replace additional backflow systems according to DIN EN 13564.