Airports are highly frequented areas that are exposed to heavy traffic and high structural loads. Almost all products of the MEA product range can be used for the construction, extension or the renovation of airports.


The MEAVECTOR concrete light-wells are ideal for the construction of buildings and parking garages. They bring light and air to the lower areas of the airport buildings. Thanks to the thermal bridge-free installation of the concrete light-wells with the MEAFIX insulated mounting panels, the MEA products are an asset regarding the energy efficiency of the structures. MEA also offers a complete range of windows, doors and ventilation solutions that are perfect for technical rooms.

MEATEC drainage solutions are used in the building area, especially along the facades or on balconies and viewing platforms. They protect the building structures against moisture and help to safely guide rainwater from facades and terraces. The MEARIN PLUS, the MEARIN EXPERT or MEADRAIN SV, SE, SG drainage channels can be used in outdoor areas such as parking lots, driveways, green areas but also inside buildings. Thanks to a large selection of gratings with loading classes from A 15 to E 600, these drainage channels can be used almost everywhere.

In the highly frequented areas such as runways, taxiways and airport aprons, highly specialized and highly resilient channels with loading class F 900 must be used. Our MEADRAIN DM and MEADRAIN EN / ENS drainage channels are perfectly suited for this type of environment. The MEADRAIN DM channels made of polymer concrete with their monolithic construction have the decisive advantage that they have no moving parts. The MEADRAIN EN / ENS channels are on the other hand delivered with 4 point bolted gratings that offer maximum security and water drainage capacity.

The MEA gratings and stairs are ideal for use in parking garages, for escape routes and for logistics areas within airports. They are also perfect for being used for viewing platforms or other structures that need to bring people from A to B. MEA also offers a large selection of steel tracks and fastening devices for the fast and safe handling of goods.