Sturdy drainage solutions for tram line and railways

Urban saturation due to noise, pollution and congestion complicates access to inner city areas. These have tended to be neglected in the last few decades in favour of airy suburbs. With their flexible concept, aesthetic appeal and service quality, trams would seem to be the ideal solution for avoiding traffic problems and counteracting this trend.


MEA offers an innovative drainage solution for this purpose which meets the technical requirements relating to the installation and use of tram networks. This solution allows surface water to be recovered both from the rails themselves and from the platforms still offering optimal electric insulation in particular for tram projects were the electricity is being conducted from the ground (APS System).

Drainage channels for tram made of GRP or polymer concrete

MEA WATER MANAGEMENT is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of line drainage systems. This drainage channel system was developed by MEA especially for tram rails.

Thanks to our unique multi-material range, you can choose between polymer concrete – the material traditionally employed for drainage systems – and glass-fibre-reinforced composite (GRP), the modern, lightweight, sturdy and easy-to-install alternative also referred to as sheet moulding compound (SMC).

This product combination has the advantage that an optimal solution can be found for every application:

Two different kinds of systems are available from the MEA Group for line drainage of tram rails:

  • Drainage system for trams with an APS power supply
  • Drainage system for trams with overhead power lines

Rail systems with cross drainage are a basic precondition of safety in tram traffic. Insufficient drainage of the grooved rails often results in severe soiling and therefore high cleaning costs. MEA TRAM connection elements help drain the rail system more efficiently and contribute to a cleaner infrastructure which is easier to maintain.