Components for material flow

Product advantages at a glance

• Sliding fittings
• Switches
• Accessories
• Trolleys

Components for material flow systems – complete systems for moving hanging loads

Sliding fittings for material flow systems

Originally designed exclusively for moving sliding gates, our product range for material flow systems has evolved into a high-performance, all-round assortment for the most diverse applications. The potential uses for sliding door fittings, for example, go far beyond what was possible or imaginable when they were first manufactured. Doors and gates nevertheless remain the biggest target market. In our endeavour to provide the optimal solution for all requirements depending on the load, MEA Metal Applications offers a wide selection of sliding fittings in six different sizes.

Numerous accessories

We can supply exactly the right functional accessories to meet the specific requirements of your plant. Since we manufacture everything in-house, we can also provide customised solutions adapted to your individual situation. Just tell us what it is you need and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Broad array of switches

We have a broad array of switch systems to help you realise direction changes easily and efficiently. Each system is optimally adapted to the specific conditions on site as well as to the customer’s wishes.
Our product range is also ideal for small crane systems. Are you looking for an efficient overhead option to convey your products? We can supply you with exactly the components you need or design a customised solution to meet all your plant’s requirements.

Low-noise overhead conveyors

Versions with rotary and swivel ball bearings can be supplied as standard. Plastic rollers are also available, to ensure that your overhead conveyor runs as quietly as possible. Just tell us what you require in the way of overhead conveyors and we’ll be happy to advise you.
MEA additionally offers overhead conveyors with horizontal guide rollers for ultra-smooth turning manoeuvres. There is no more rubbing against the guide track as a result and much less friction occurs.

Product benefits – components for material flow systems

  • Market proven product range enables individual planning whatever your requirements
  • Suitable for hanging or cantilever sliding gates as well as internal material flows
  • High quality, competence and reliability
  • Flexible, modular, expandable and reusable products
  • Purely mechanical components are durable and robust
  • Extremely economical because virtually no maintenance is required
  • Excellent value for money