Multi-storey car parks represent an enormous challenge when it comes to draining off surface water. Owing to the structure of the building and the narrowness of the cavity in the floors, only drainage channels with a very low height are suitable. These channels must additionally provide excellent chemical resistance, for example to de-icing salt or oils. The MEADRAIN PG system is the ideal drainage solution for multi-storey car parks. With a total height of just 50 mm, our PG drainage channel fits perfectly into the car park’s concrete foundation.

MEADRAIN PG drainage channels are made from polymer concrete, a material which is highly resistant to chemical substances, oils and salt. Since they are designed without cover gratings, MEADRAIN PG drainage channels also have another advantage: cars passing over them produce virtually no annoying noise. This makes for a more comfortable ride and is almost equivalent to driving over a completely even surface. MEADRAIN PG drainage channels additionally offer straightforward maintenance because there are no complicated cover gratings to be removed prior to cleaning. At the same time, MEADRAIN PG channels are easy to install, helping to ensure that your construction project is completed on time. MEADRAIN PG drainage channels satisfy all legal requirements in connection with wheelchair users and suitability for persons with restricted mobility.