Company history


Since its foundation 130 years ago, the MEA Group has grown to become one of the leading suppliers to the construction industry. The ongoing development of new markets and the pursuit of innovation are the driving forces behind this evolution into an international group of companies. New products like the MEALUXIT casement window system made from glass-fibre-reinforced composite which was developed in 1980, the first MEARIN drainage channel manufactured using SMC technology which was unveiled in 1982, the MEAMAX height-adjustable light well system from 2005 and the innovative MEASTEP grating system launched in the market in 2011 are just a few examples of the MEA Group’s innovative vitality.

More recent product innovations – such as the MEAFIX insulated mounting panel for fastening light wells in 2010, the MEASTEP staircase kit in 2014 and the MEA LÜFTAIR basement ventilator which made its debut in 2015 – likewise testify to the energy and resolve of the MEA Group, which has set itself the goal of enhancing living comfort and providing professional users with high-quality solutions that enable them to work more efficiently.

Discover 130 years of innovations and successes in the course of the MEA Group’s history.