Grating mats MEAFLOOR – Increased comfort and safety

Gratings are not necessarily the most convenient solution for every single person in every application. Pushchair, rollator or shopping trolley users often experience irritating noise and vibration when passing over them due to the small wheels. In the worst case, the wheels could even get stuck in the mesh. And for people with a walker, stick or high heels, gratings can be an awkward obstacle. Conflict and barrier-free use is simply not possible.

Grating mats MEAFLOOR let you reap the benefits of gratings in places where increased comfort and safety is desired or specific requirements have to be met. This is generally the case in areas of high public footfall. Whenever stairs, transitions and walkways for access to event venues – whether indoors or outdoors – are constructed using gratings, grating mats MEAFLOOR guarantee optimal safety and comfort.