MEA is the leading specialist in drainage channels made from glass-fibre-reinforced composite (GRP). With their lightweight design and proven stability, they combine very easy installation with a practically unlimited lifespan.

For 30 years now, MEA has specialised in the manufacture of drainage systems made from GRP, a high-tech material which is used, amongst other things, in the aviation industry or in shipbuilding.

GRP is an extremely lightweight and robust material that is optimally adapted to construction industry requirements. MEA drainage channels made from GRP are not only eco-friendly (they are recyclable and free from asbestos, halogens and heavy metals); they also provide excellent compressive strength (65 N/mm²), bending strength (12 N/mm²) and temperature resistance (–35 °C to +200 °C). They are therefore ideal whenever hot asphalt needs to be laid directly at the drainage channel.

Owing to their lightness and stability, they also have many other benefits such as lower transport costs, reduced time for installation because no lifting tools are required and no risk of breakage during conveyance and handling.