We manufacture and supply system solutions for private homes, especially for basements and outdoor facilities. This optimally matched product range covers everything from light wells, casement windows and basement doors through systems for collecting, draining and managing rainwater to gratings.

MEA products are not only distinguished by their high quality; they are also easy to install and meet even the highest safety requirements. Our products are certified to the latest versions of all relevant standards. Our customers additionally profit from an extensive network of partners, who ensure safe and timely deliveries and support them with competent advice.

  • Light and airy basements: Our MEAMAX and MEAMULTINORM light wells are available in different heights and with an extensive array of accessories. They are extremely durable and let natural light into all rooms below ground level. Our ventilation shafts MEALÜFT AIR, on the other hand, provide enhanced comfort and safety by ensuring well-aired basements – with zero energy consumption. In short, MEA light wells and ventilation shafts are wonderful energy savers.
  • Burglary protection and sound insulation: Our safety glass windows afford reliable protection against burglary and outside noise. The grating mats of our light wells can optionally be equipped with ultra-stable locking systems.
  • Durable light wells: Our glass-fibre-reinforced light wells are particularly durable. Painted white, they let natural light from the outside into every room in the house. Our gratings and covers, made from galvanised or stainless steel, aluminium or glass, protect the light well bodies and keep them clean.

Smart products for more living comfort

Safety, proper ventilation, heating control and protection against burglary are key priorities for any basement. To meet these requirements effectively, windows and doors must be equipped accordingly. A magnetic locking and opening monitoring system (MVS), for example, detects changes in the opening angle. This information can be used to set off an alarm where necessary or send a message to a mobile phone.

Alternatively, the heating can be turned down automatically if a window is opened and turned back up to the required temperature again when the window is closed. Significant reductions in energy consumption can be achieved in this way.
Windows and doors from MEA Building Systems can be upgraded with an array of components to form convenient smart home solutions.

The following products are suitable for this application: