Building Systems

Building Systems

Light wells and casement window systems for basements are the speciality of MEA Building Systems, a business unit of the MEA Group. The company’s extensive portfolio also includes basement doors, pipe ducts, products to protect against water and drainage channels.

These solutions are the outcome of more than 130 years of constructive partnerships with professionals in the building trade.

Apart from the highest level of technical perfection, this vast experience also results in innovative ideas to help you install our products faster, more simply and far more efficiently.

The MEA Connect system, for instance, enables water pressure-tight and thermal bridge-free installation of light wells using prefabricated, optimally matched mounting elements. These elements can be supplied in two different materials: either low-cost, easy-to-install glass-fibre-reinforced composite (GRP) or concrete for more difficult soil and water pressure conditions. Suitable window and drainage solutions are other building blocks in a full-featured living environment which ensure that the basement is well-lit and permanently dry.

MEA Building Systems is the only full-service provider for basements and outdoor areas. MEA – a good foundation for good houses.