MEADRAIN DM drainage channel

Product advantages at a glance

MEADRAIN polymer concrete drainage channels are available with three different clear widths and are build monolithically which provides a certain number of adavantages:

  • Extremely good stability and durability
  • No moving parts
  • Much lighter than comparable concrete drainage channels
  • Only minimal maintenance required
  • Suitable for all loading classes up to F 900

The MEADRAIN DM system was developed to meet the special cross drainage requirements of roads and motorways.

Four criteria must be satisfied to ensure that roads and motorways are optimally drained:

  • Efficient absorption and transfer of the dynamic loads exerted by fast-moving heavy traffic
  • Rapid drainage of large quantities of rainwater
  • Long lifespan
  • Excellent value for money

MEADRAIN DM drainage channels have a monolithic design. They represent the very latest channel generation and meet all the requirements for road and motorway building.

MEADRAIN DM solutions are lightweight to enable quick installation at the construction site. Thanks to their one-piece design, they are very easy to install and have an exceptionally long lifespan. The combination of these characteristics and the low maintenance costs means these drainage channels are true champions in terms of efficiency and affordability.
The MEADRAIN DM system complies with even the highest building requirements and is suitable for all loading classes up to F 900.