Here you will find our BIM objects files for Building Systems, Water Management and Metal Applications products.


The future of project planning and management

Our everyday lives are becoming increasingly digital. In this context, the planning and execution of building projects are becoming increasingly interconnected. Model-based building planning with BIM – Building Information Modeling – lays the foundation for a change to digitalization in the construction industry in both building construction and civil engineering.

The challenges in construction projects can be very different. For example, time pressure, cost increases, unexpected planning changes and interrupted construction processes are just some of the daily risks of a construction site. Digital and networked planning creates enormous potential for overcoming such challenges.

The digital building model

With the help of the BIM planning method, important planning information is not lost and can be reused at any time. It is precisely this exchange of information that leads to the central advantages of the BIM planning method:

  • Better planning reliability in terms of cost and schedule compliance
  • Reduction of planning and execution errors
  • More accurate forecasts of utilization and maintenance costs
  • Faster creation of planning alternatives


When implementing our BIM data, it was particularly important to us that these not only technically comply with the current standards but are also designed to be particularly user-friendly. Planners who work with our BIM data therefore receive decisive advantages when using our objects:

  • Fully parameterized objects for direct derivation of the geometric shape.
  • Complete alphanumeric information, such as URL link to technical data sheets, assembly instructions, martial, manufacturer’s specifications, etc.
  • Intelligent objects for easy and safe use
  • Customization and configuration possibility directly in the building model
  • Included evaluation information for parts and order lists

Together with our planners, we want to reshape the future of construction. That is why we are making our BIM-enabled planning data available to you here. You can also find them in the download area of the respective product pages. We show you instructions on how to use our BIM objects in a short video here. If there are still questions, a competent team is available to all users of our BIM data, who will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice and support.

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